How to abbreviate words

Abbreviation of a word is convenient in many ways including saving time and be cool. It became a part of our regular communication specially in text messaging. In this article we will discuss how to abbreviate a word for text messaging purpose.

Abbreviation can be used in text messaging, in chat room or even in a short email. But it becomes a necessity in text messaging since cell phone system restrict the amount of characters can be used for texting.

While abbreviating it is important to make sure that the abbreviated word is understandable by others. There are many universal standards abbreviate words like “lol” (laugh out loud), “omg” (Oh my God), “idk” (I don’t know) etc.

Some of the rules for abbreviating words are:

  • Try to keep it simple
  • Short but meaningful
  • Leaving out letters is primary; you can even leave out some words if it only makes sense.
  • Vowels are easy to omit although some consonants can be leave out.
  • Do not try to save space and time by omitting space too. Leave spaces between abbreviated words.
  • If you come up with a new abbreviation, make sure you include a summary of it at the beginning so that you can use it later anytime.

ty – thank you

ilu- i love you

2night – tonight

u2 – you too

<3 – heart

aslp – age, sex, location, picture

asap – as soon as possible

fyi – for your information

b4 – before

brb – be right back

cya – see you

ttyl – talk to you later

bff- best friend forever

btw – by the way

cuz – because

ditto – same here

diy – do it yourself

dunno – i do not know

gf/bf – girl friend/ boy friend

g8 – great

gtg - got to go

huh – what?

Jk – just kidding

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