How to Bake a Chicken

Baked chicken is one of the healthy ways to server chicken. The recipe we are about to discuss in this article is on how to bake a chicken in simple and easy way. You can either bake a whole chicken or parts of chicken but the process is same.

Step 1

Preheat oven to 350 degree.

Step 2

Add little bit of olive oil on the pan that you will use for baking the chicken. The size of baking pan depends on how big the chicken is. For a typical size chicken, a 9 x 13-inches baking pan should be large enough.

Step 3

Add the chicken in the banking pan on top of oil you have just added. It is best to leave the skin on of the chicken for baking. If you are baking a whole chicken, you need to remove the giblets from the cavity. Once you have done that rinse the chicken under cool water and dry with paper towels.

Step 4

It is time to add some spices to your chicken. Sprinkle some chopped garlic, rosemary, salt and a little bit of pepper on the chicken.

Step 5

Pour little more oil on the top of the all the ingredients you have just added. Put the chicken inside heated oven and set the timer for an hour. If you are only baking few chicken breasts, 30 minutes cooking time should be enough.

Step 6

Let the chicken bake for 1-1.5 hour until the skin is golden brown and meat is cooked. You can use a thermometer to check if it is cooked enough. Thermometer reading for a well cooked chicken breast is 170 and 180 degrees for thighs.

Step 7

Take out the chicken once it is cooked well using oven mitts.

Step 8

Let the chicken cool down for 10 minutes before it becomes ready for serving.

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