How to Block People on Facebook

Sometimes you might feel the need to block your friend(s) in popular social networking website called Facebook. Whatever the reason is, you will be able to block a person in Facebook after reading the following article on how to block people on Facebook.

Step 1

Log on to your Facebook account.

Step 2

Click on the “Account” from the top right corner. It will open up a small drop down menu.

Step 3

Click on the “Privacy Settings” from that drop down menu. This should take you to your Privacy Settings page where you will be able to see settings information for

  • Profile Information
  • Contact Information
  • Applications and Websites
  • Search
  • And finally the “Block List”

Step 4

Click on the block list (should be at the bottom of privacy settings page). Now, you are at the Block List page. There are two ways you can block a friend; 1) by name and 2) by email address. So, if you do not know email address of the person you are about to block just type in the name in name box.

Step 5

Click block button. It will pop open a small window where you will be able to see the matching individual(s). Click block button beside their name to finalized blocking. Once you have successfully blocked a person, it showed show up in your Facebook block list page.

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