How to Buy a Used Car

Buying a second hand or used car can be tricky especially if you are not familiar with vehicle and want to save money. In this article we will illustrate how to purchase a used car whether you are buying from an individual or from a dealer.

Step#01 : Budget decision

First, you need to decide budget for used car purchase. The entire vehicle buying plan will depend on this budget part. Decide you min spending and maximum spending limit so that you have some room to bargain or get the best deal for the amazing car you like.

Step#02 : Car type selections

Second step for buying a used car is to decide what type of car you would like to purchase. The type of car obviously depends based on your convenience, lifestyle etc. You should also decide the brand, model and year of the car you would like to purchase. It will help you to estimate related future factors like parking, gas uses, spending limit etc.

Step#03 : View the cars in person

Look for similar car/s that you have just selected in Step#02 in local news papers, dealership locations, websites like eBay, Craigslist, Kijiji etc. Once you find the car’s location, go view the car and get a good idea about the cars. Keep in mind that, going to look for used cars does not necessarily means you are ready to purchase right away.

Take a careful look at all the details of the cars and write down information like made year, model number, mileage, VIN (vehicle identification number) etc. Do not forgot to check the interior of the car as well as tire condition, engine noise and even any small dent, or scratch.

Step#04 : Research

Once you have selected few cars after viewing them in step#03, go ahead and do your homework. There are many websites out there that are ready to provide you related car information for free or a small fee. Some of these websites are : This website will provide you with brief evaluation of the car you visited based on all the available features that car has to offer. This is why it is important to write down all the detail information at step 3. : This website will give you customer reviews, car safety rating etc. Another amazing feature this website offers is comparisons. You will be able to compare every features of all the cars you select. : This website will give you information like car fuel efficiency, estimated cost of per filling, annual fuel cost etc.

And last but not least most important : CarFax is a must visited website before you buy a used vehicle. It is just like checking the credit of an individual. This website keeps records of vehicle crash, maintenance records, all owner’s information etc. You will need VIP and around $50 USD to get up to 5 vehicle information.

Step#05 : Buy the car

The last step is of course proceeding with the purchase of your best pick second hand car. Be bold and give them no negotiation choice by showing all the research you just conducted. It is only fair for both parties. Remember, there is no right or wrong price of a used vehicle; it only has an estimated value.

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