How to Change a Car Battery

how to replace a car battery

how to replace a car battery

Changing car battery is easy. Most of us can do it by ourselves and know how to do it. Those who do not know how to change a car battery, this simple tutorial can be very helpful. Usually, a car battery comes with a 60 months warranty. So, keep a track of its lifetime and replace your car battery in time.

Step #1

Turn off your engine, open your car’s hood and look for the battery.  Loosen the black cable connection using a combination wrench, and then completely disconnect the black cable from the battery.


Twist and pull up on the end of the cable. Use battery terminal puller if it does not come off easily. This will help damage to your battery cables.


Disconnect the red battery cable from the battery using the same method we discussed in step 1


Use a combination wrench or socket and ratchet to remove the battery hold-down clamp.


Take the battery off from its tray. A car battery is very heavy, so be careful and grab it from the bottom.  If it has a handle, use that instead.


Use baking soda mixed water and wired brush to clean the battery rust from its tray and from its hold-down clamps.


Clean the battery connector with a wire brush.  Use a battery-cleaning solution to remove the heavy corrosion.


Place the new battery in the battery hold tray and secure it with hold-down clamp.  Connect and tighten the battery cables. All the cables should be tight, otherwise you will not able to start your car.

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