How to Change Your Name

You may want to change your name for many reasons. Whatever the reason behind changing name, the process is same. In this brief article we will explain how to change a name legally.


I will assume you already have a nice new name picked up for yourself. If you haven’t done that already, this is the time and step to do that.


Visit government website for the county or region you are located and do a little research about the entire process as well as the requirements. You can also visit the local city hall to get up to date information about the name change.


Collect all the necessary papers and fill them accurately. There is also a filling fee for such government service. Please pay the fee in right form before proceeding to any further step. Attach the proof of payment with the application and related paper works.


Send your application along with necessary paper works to correct mailing address.

After sending the application, prepare yourself for name change. However, most of the name chang procedure does not require court appearance and will approve your request if you can provide a valid reason for your name change. As for example: after marriage or divorce, long complicated spelling of your name or any other legit personal reason.


After sending application, you may have to purchase an ad in local newspaper letting people know about the legal change of you name.


If you want to change your name during divorce, you may need permission from divorce court for name change. If you would like to change you children’s name, both parents must agree with the change and court will investigate such case.


Finally, you can send the legal order for the change of name to all places like banks, creditors, employers, tax agencies etc to request your name change.

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