How to Cite a Website

How to cite a websiteWhen you need to use content from someone’s website, either for an academic paper or for your own formal writing, proper reference needs to be provided. Otherwise the content will consider as plagiarized.  Citing a website can be done in few different ways but in this how to cite a website tutorial we will discuss only APA (American Psychological Association) style reference.


At first, we need to find out the name of the author from whose website we will use content from.  The format for the name citation has to done in a specific format. Last name will come first followed by a comma and then first letter of author’s first name followed by period. If there is no individual author for the website content, you can use the website owner’s name as reference.


Next, we need to find out the date (article publication year) of the article. Date for an article normally stated at the beginning after the authors name and should be within parentheses.


Determine the title of the article. The name or the title of the article should be listed after the publication year and should be by capitalizing the first letter of the first word. The rest of the letters are lowercase and followed by period.


After the title, you need to mention the access or revivals date of the article/website followed by a comma, month, date and year of access.


List the link or URL of the webpage retrieval followed by “Retrieved from”. If there is no static/permanent link for the article, use the main website link.


The last step is to add the complete website citation into your own content or article.

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