How to do a Backflip


Backflip is an impressive physical technique. It can be dangerous too if you do not know how to do a backflip properly. Overcoming fear and little practice will help you to do a back flip in no time. Follow these simple steps to learn how it can be done.


Safe surrounding is important to learn backflip. Find an open area with soft ground base. Trampoline, soft matt in the gym are few examples of good practice spot. Stay away from smaller spaces or concrete floor.


Stretching is the very first thing for any type of exercise, backflip is not different. Stretch the muscles of you arms, legs, neck and back. Pulling a single muscle can be very devastating.


You will need some determination or commitment to learn backflip. Once you overcome your fear, backflip will be only a matter of time.


Keep proper balance between your feet, shoulder and arms when you stand up straight. Hands are above your head to position yourself for flip.


Swing arms down and back as you prepare for jump. Bend knees at 90 degree angle and push hard to get off the ground with your both feet.

Go off the ground by swinging your arms back above the head. You need to know the peak of your jump. Timing is very crucial.


Bend back and fold your knees into your chest while reaching the peak of your jump. This step is very essential since it will give you momentum to flip backward.


Before you land on the ground, stretch your legs about three-fourth. Again, timing is crucial at every stage of a backflip.


Bend your legs when you land on the ground. It will provide you more balance and make the landing more comfortable. In case if you feel like falling, don’t hesitate to touch ground with your both hands for support.

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