How to Fly a Kite

How to fly a kite

How to fly a kite

Flying a kite can be both fun and exercise. A windy day can be bad for flying a paper airplane outdoor but it is a perfect day to fly a kite.


If you are planning to go for kite flying, check the weather report first for favorable weather. The best weather for flying a kite is when wind is blowing 5 to 15 mph.

Step #2

Now, find a large open space for your first kite flying lesson. A long field would be perfect place. Make sure there are no power lines or trees in that area. Because it is dangerous for both you and your kite


Toss the kite into air lightly until the wind catches it. As we stated earlier, it will work best when wind blows moderately strong.


Let out a small length of sting to give the kite a nice lift off, then run with the rest of it sting behind the kite until winds lifts it completely.


Let out sting until it reaches a good height that you are comfortable with. Good height is generally considers from 50 to 100 feet.


Kite can come crashing down because of sudden changes in wind. If the kite starts to dip, run or pull string a bit to give it some lift.


You can bring the kite down slowly by winding sting around kite spool.

When the kite is close to ground, reach out and grab it to avoid damage.

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