How to Learn English Grammar

Improving English grammar can boost both your writing and speaking quality. If you are interested in learning English grammar or improving your grammar skill, the following article can help you to do that in few simple ways.

Step 1

Planning and determination are two things that you will need to have at the beginning of any learning process, especially when it comes to language. Therefore, make a plan on how often you would like to practice, how details you want to learn about English grammar and so on. Keep in mind that it takes time to see outcome for such learning.

Step 2

A very good start to improve your grammar will be to observe people of your native language. It is very likely that people who speak the same language will do the same mistakes in grammar. So, once you analyze their speaking and contrast with your own, you should be able to pin point some larger mistakes.

Step 3

Secondly, buy a grammar exercise book and practice in the area where you tend to do most of your mistakes. Pointed out mistaken areas from step 2 can help you at this stage a lot. Also, do some online quizzes. The more you will practice, the faster you will be able to catch your own mistakes and will be able to fix them.

Step 4

Pay closer attention while you are reading English. You can even try to translate newspaper or magazine articles to English. It will help you a lot from the point of view that you can view and correct your own mistakes afterward.

Step 5

The final method is to have conversations with English speaking friends who are good at speaking English and do not use slang.

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