How to Levitate

We humans are always fascinated by levitation from centuries. While many questioned the real levitation process, no one has ever doubted the magical levitation. In this article we will discuss 2 different ways to levitate yourself in the air.

How to levitate (method 1 used by David Blaine):

Step 1

Stand in front of your audience keeping your back towards them. Make sure your audience can only see you at 45 degree angle and your back of your left foot.

Step 2

Step on your right toes and lift your right heel in the air. At the same time, you should be able to lift your entire left foot of the ground. While lifting the left foot, make sure the back of the right foot heel is being lifted at the same time to give the perfect illusion to audience.

How to levitate (method 2 used by Chris Angel):

Step 1

Cut a pair of pant (only one side) in the front from top to bottom.

Step 2

Take a tape and attach a single pair of shoe with the bottom of that cut side of the pant.

Step 3

Use a sting to tie the both shoes together, even the one you are going to wear. You can use shoe string from the step 2 since you will not going to wear that shoe to do this magic trick.

Step 4

Stand in front of audience keeping your back towards them wearing the pant you have just created. Make sure you haveĀ  something in front of you to step on while you are going to perform the magic.

Step 5

Put your foot (the one with fake shoe) on the tool or chair for support and lift your other foot in the air. While you are lifting you real foot in the air, it will also lift your fake foot with shoe. It will give audience the illusion that you are putting together your both feet and levitate yourself in the air.

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  1. and here i thought David was really flying. lol.

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