How to make a bootable cd

Bootable CD can be created in many ways. In this tutorial we will discuss how to create a bootable cd using NERO software for Windows XP operating system.


If you do not have this popular CD burning software you can download it from Download the software, install it, and start it from Start>Programs>Ahed Nero and select Nero-Burning Rom.


When the Nero window opens (do not use the Nero Wizard), you should be able to see different recording types (CD, CD-ROM, DVD etc.), select the CD-ROM (ISO) icon and click on the “ISO” tab to configure your data files. Choose all the settings and click NEW.


Drag and drop data files from the browser windows (right) to ISO1 windows, which is located on the left side of the window. After all the data selection, click the record button (11th icon from the left)


Once the recorder windows open, select the image recorder (in this case it will be your CD ROM), and click OK to start the process.


Click the write CD dialog button (9th from the left) or select Write CD from toolbar menu.


Name your CD image and select a location to save it, click save.


If you have followed all the above steps without any problem, the burning process should start at this stage. Once the process is successfully completed, Nero will prompt you. Click ok button to close the burning progress window.

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