How to Make a Paper Airplane

You’re not alone who doesn’t know how to make a paper airplane. I used to make paper airplanes as a kid all the time, but I remember when I didn’t know how to make them. It’s very simple, just grab a piece of paper and follow these step-by-step instructions on how to make a paper airplane.

Step 1:
Get yourself a regular size piece of white paper. I like grabbing the printer paper because they do the job quite well. They are a good size and weight for flying.

Step 2:
Place your paper on a table or hard surface. Have one of the longest edges towards you.

Step 3:
Folder the piece of paper in half lengthwise. Match up your two edges and use your thumb for make a crease along the fold.

Step 4:
Fold the upper left corner of the top layer diagonally towards the first crease.  Use your thumb to make a sharp fold. You should have created a small triangular flap.

Step 5:
Turn the piece of paper over.

Step 6:
Take the other top corner flap and fold it towards the middle crease. Your edges should match up and create a nice fold.

Step 7:
Take your new diagonal edge on the right side of the paper, and fold that straight down towards the first crease you had made. Make a sharp crease along the new fold.

Step 8:
Turn over your paper and fold the diagonal edge down towards the very first crease. Your paper should look like a triangle with a 90 degree angle. Check out the picture.

Step 9:
Form your airplane’s wings by repeating steps 7 and 8.

Step 10:
Hold the paper airplaine in one hand along the first crease, flare your wings out.

Step 11:
Hold the airplane near the nose and get ready to throw it in the air.

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