How to Make a Paper Gun

How to Make a Paper Gun

How to Make a Paper Gun

Paper gun is not to shoot at something, it is strictly for fun. Since fun does not have any restriction based on age, young and adult both can get amusement from making a paper gun. You can make your own toy gun with just few pieces of paper. Read below to learn how to make a paper gun.


First of all, fold a A4 size piece of paper in half (lengthwise).


Refold the paper twice (lengthwise). The paper should have folded total 3 times by now.


Repeat first 2 steps with another piece of same size paper by folding it in half lengthwise 3 times. You should have 2 of these similarly folded pieces of paper now.


Next you will need a pieces of paper to be folded in half (width wise). It will create the barrel of our paper gun.


Now you need to use the other folded piece of paper, fold it one end upward (90 degree angle) and do the same with other end. Keep 4 inches space at the center of those two folds.


Make sure both of the 90-degree ends are properly aligned. You can do that by using a single piece of paper for 90-degree folds.


Glide the barrel piece of paper that was created at step 4, around both of the 90-degree angles. It should fut into the pocket that was shaped by the 90 degree folds.


Move it back and slide it forward to finish your fun paper gun.

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  1. cool craft for the kids.

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