How to Make Basic Barbecue Sauce

When you can make great tasting BBQ sauce, you have the right to brag about it. If you don’t have your own recipe for BBQ sauce then you can start with this article on how to make BBQ sauce. You can change up the ingredients and experiment with a bunch of things until you’ve created your very own BBQ sauce.

Step 1:
Heat up the vinegar and molasses inside a small non-reactive saucepan. The molasses should dissolve.

Step 2:
Remove it from the heat and stir up the rest of the ingredients together.

Step 3:
Experiment and try these variations.

Zesty Sauce: Start off your recipe by sautéing 1cup of minced onions and a few garlic cloves. It should be soft, then proceed with your recipe.

Sweeter Sauce: Add some honey or some brown sugar. You can also soak some raisins in rum and puree it into the sauce. Nom nom nom.

Herbed Sauce: Add some dry or even fresh herds to taste. Some good pick is dry rubbed sage or fresh, minced rosemary.

Whiskey Sauce: Bourbon is the one that I choose because it seems to work the best, because of its high sugar content. Begin the recipe with ½ cup of bourbon and let it simmer for a minute. Use half of the vinegar when mixing the complete recipe together.

Now you can enjoy your very own homemade BBQ sauce.

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