How to make French Toast

How to Make a French Toast

How to Make French Toast

A healthy breakfast that is simple for anyone to make, French toast! Enjoy this any morning with your family or friends and you’ll have a nice crisp breakfast, and very yummy! Don’t forget your maple syrup.

Steps on how to make French toast:

Step 1
Gather all your ingredients together, things can get messy and it’s fast to make. So be ready!

Step 2
Crack an egg inside a bowl and add milk and a dash of vanilla. Adjust the amount of milk and vanilla added for your own taste.

Step 3
Beat your eggs with a whisk or fork until your mix is nicely mixed.

Step 4
Heat your pan and add a good amount of oil. Around ¼ inch is a good lining. Oil is better than using butter on your pan. Set the heat to Medium high.

Step 5
Dip your sliced bread inside the bowl that contains the battered eggs. Make sure both sides are covered and let it drip for a sec.

Step 6
Place the moist bread inside your pan and fry until perfection. You want your French toast a little golden/brown, but not burnt. Flip it so you cooked both sides.

Step 7
Place your French toast on a plate, ready to be served. You can add whatever toppings you like, I usually just put syrup and maybe powdered sugar. Now enjoy!

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