How to Open a Zip File

Compressed file archives are very common now since online file transfer technology is improving every day. If you received a zip file (it is a type of file format or extension for compressed file archive), you can open or extract it many different ways. But the most simple and proper way to open a zip file is as follows:

Step#1 (Download WinRAR):

Download WinRAR

Download WinRAR

Download and install the latest version of uncompressing software WinRAR ( on your computer and you will be ready in no time to extract or unzip a zip file along with many other compressed file formats.

Step#2 (Open Zip file):

If you received a .zip file in your e-mail, you might want to download it to your computer first. Once the zip file is downloaded on your computer, double click on it. It will open up a small window by WinRAR which will show you all the files that are compressed inside that zip archive/file.

Step#3 (Extract/Unzip the .zip file):

Click on the “Extract To” icon on the top navigation bar and it will ask you to select a location to extract all the files from that zip file. You can select any location you want but don’t forget the location you are about to unzip the file to.

After you select your preferred location, and click “OK”, you will see the unzipping windows for a short period.

Once the window is closed (automatically), your zip has been unzipped completely at the location you chose in previous step.

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