How to Organize an Easter Egg Hunt

Looking to plan a fun Easter egg hunt for the kids? The right decorations, food and chocolates can make a great hunt you’ll never forget. Here is how to plan for an Easter egg hunt.

Gather colorful construction paper to make your invitations. Send these out to the kids, they will love them.

Step 2:
Get some plastic eggs to fill with small toys, candy, jellybeans, or chocolate eggs. Go wild on this, kids love opening the eggs for a surprise. Make sure you have a good dozen eggs for each geust.

Step 3:
Decorate your house with colorful pastel-colored tablecloths, streamers and just about anything.

Step 4:
Stock up on snacks! Place these on the tables for people to munch on.

Step 5:
Set up the area you plan on having the hunt. Set up boundaries or the kids will go all over the place to some areas they shouldn’t.

Step 6:
hide eggs in easy to find places for the younger kids, but also make sure to have some challenging ones to entice the hunt a little further.

Step 7:
Start the game with a whistle blow, and let the hunt begin!

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