How to Put in Contact Lenses

Putting in contact lenses can be tricky for first few times but after a while you will get used to it. In this brief article we will discuss how to put in contacts in your eyes.

Step 1

Wash your both hands properly whether you are putting in contact lenses or taking them out.

Step 2

Assuming this is your first time wearing contact lenses. Take out 2 matching contact lenses from your lens box and peel the back of them carefully. While peeling the sealed layer make sure to keep the curve side downward.

Step 3

Use the tip of your right index finger to take out left eye lens.

Step 4

Use your left index finger to raise your left eyelid and try to keep your eye open as much as possible.

Step 5

While your left hand is helping to keep your right eye open, using your right index finger bring the lens close to your right eye. Make sure not to drop the lens or get it flipped.

Step 6

Pull down the under eye skin a little bit with your right finger while you attempt to put the contact in your eye.

Step 7

Carefully place the contact on the center of your pupil. Once the lens is on its place, blink few times to bring the lens exactly where it is suppose to be. The shape of your pupil matches the shape of the lens.

Step 8

Reverse the above directions for your other eye.

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