How to Spell Correctly

Good spelling is not just to win a contest. Spelling words correctly will improve your writing quality and if you are a student, a better grade can be another reward. It can be very difficult to remember the spelling of a word sometimes. In the following article we will learn few simple tips on how to improve your spelling.

Method #1

One of the easiest ways to remember spelling is breaking down syllables. Most of the dictionaries have this feature. If you are struggling with a spelling, get reference from an online or offline dictionary on how to break those sounds or syllables. An example of such syllables breakdown for term syllable is “syl⋅la⋅ble”.

Method #2

The second way to remember correct spelling is the words inside a word technique. As for example, the term “personal” is often misspelled as “personnel” which refers to totally different thing. If we use the words in word method, we can see that there are 2 words inside the word “personal” – person and persona. Looking for similar term inside word that you prefer to eat, name of family, friends or personal associate can help a lot too.

Another example for such method can be explained with word “Echinacea” (name of an herb). This word has the word “CHINA” inside it; the very first is easy “E”, and all you have to remember the last part which is “cea”.

Method #3

Finally, remembering what makes a word misspelled and what makes it correct. As for example term “definitely” often misspelled as “definately”. Misspelled “definately” consists of the word “ATE” which should trigger you to fix the spelling error because “ate” pronounce as eight and it’s incorrect form.

There are many more ways to make spelling easier. These are just few of them that I thought are very useful for me. It does not matter if you are in a spelling bee contest or scrabble game, some of these methods will surely come in handy for you.

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