How to write a bibliography

Proper bibliography or reference section is essential for any formal research paper. There are many ways a bibliography can be created; APA, MLA etc. In this tutorial we will discuss how to write a bibliography using simple and standard method.


Create a page at the end of the paper and name it “Bibliography”.


List and sort all author’s last names and sources used in the writing alphabetically. Author’s last name will come first, followed by a comma and then the first name followed by a period.

If the used source is from a book, write the book title in italic font style, followed by a period. You may underline the book name too.

If the used source was from an article rather than a book, cite the name of the article inside quotation marks, in place of a book title. You also need to write the journal or magazine name including its volume number if the article was a part of a journal or magazine.


Now you need to name the location where the article or the book was published, followed by a colon.


Include the name of the published, followed by a comma.


Finish the bibliography entry by adding the date of publication, followed by a period.

Add number to your bibliography pages when adding page number to your paper.

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