How to Write a Book Report

How to write a book report
Book report is simply a summary of a book. But this summary needs to be focused on the key topics or the main idea of the book. The entire summary also should be in a formal presentable form which may sounds complicated but we will discuss it in few easy steps.


Thoroughly read the book and take notes of the topics that are emphasized and related to the main idea of the book. You can also use post-it flags to mark all the important pages and go back later to combine them.


Before you start to write your report by gathering all your notes, ask yourself questions like why author wrote the book? What made you read the book? What are the key points of the book? What need to be excluded from the summary of the book? etc.


Once you have all the answers of above, start with a brief outline of the book, followed by the main section of the book report which will include entire work from step 1 and step 2. Be sure not to go too in-depth (one page to elaborate a single topic) of any topic as well as not too brief (a complete topic in one sentence only).


At the end, add a conclusion of the book summary you just wrote. The significance of the book, the potential contribution of the book, any negative aspects of it and about author’s opinion on the whole idea can be few things can be included in this last section of the book report.

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